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Time for a Laugh - The Den
Finances were a constant problem in our household. My husband put me in charge of keeping our finances in order because, as he said, "You do a much better job of it than I do." I wasn't surprised at the end of the month when there were several canceled checks made out to a local bar. Those checks always blew our budget.
My husband didn't come home one payday. Where was he? I knew he was at the den of iniquity, gambling away our budget. This called for action. I got into my car and drove right over there. I didn't knock. I just walked right in demanding, "Where is he?" No one answered me, so I walked down a hallway and into a bedroom. He was sleeping. Hut there were two people in the bed. Aha, now I caught him cheating on me! I ripped off the bed covers, and there lying before were two very shocked people -- both total strangers. I left the building while they were still trying to cover themselves.
Anonymous, British Columbia
Published May, 2006