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Introduction to the Hilltoppers-AFG Online Al-Anon Meeting

Due to the overwhelming demands of maintenance to the Online Meeting, the following changes will be effective as of February 1, 2016:
  1. User registration will be disabled. No new users will be added to the meeting.
  2. The entire online meeting and all content will be "Read Only" to everyone, including "non-users".
  3. Registration will not be required to access existing meeting contents.
  4. The Personal Message system within the Online Meeting will be disabled.
If you are interested in online Al-Anon resources, please refer to the following:
  1. WSO Recommended Online Meetings
  2. Online Al-Anon Outreach
  3. Al-Anon Forum Magazine Online
  4. Al-Anon Forum Magazine Reprints
  5. Step Chat - Live Online Recovery Meetings
  6. Hilltoppers Resources Web Page
Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.