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Time for a Laugh - You're Looking at the Problem!
My Sponsor felt I needed extra help in keeping the focus on myself. She suggested I write a note to myself - "You're looking at the problem!" - and post it on my bathroom mirror. That sounded like it might work, so it typed the note and taped to to my bathroom mirror.
Several days later my spouse seemed grumpy and I was sure I hadn't done anything. He finally asked me what I meant by my note to him on the bathroom mirror.
Whoops...here again my lack of communication caused an upset in our household. When I finished explaining the purpose of my note, my husband and I had a great laugh.
I told my Sponsor about the incident and she laughed until her sides hurt. I didn't think the situation was that funny. She said, "I guess we can move on to the next slogan, 'Think.'" Now there's a new sign on my mirror.
By Caroline J., California
Published September, 2006