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Al-Anon Forum Magazine Featured Article

Al-Anon Keeps Me Sane
After sharing with Al-Anon members about my marital confusion, I walked out of meetings feeling like I was worth something. I told myself, "I AM worth something. I am a precious child of God--worthy of recovery!" When my spouse once again turned his back on recovery, slipping into his disease three months into our latest reconciliation, an Al-Anon friend suggested I not make any major decision about my marriage right away.
After much prayer and meditation, working the Steps to the best of my ability, and attending many meetings, I came to the conclusion that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was worth more than the poor way I had allowed myself to be treated. The way I looked at it, I wasn't giving up on my marriage -- if I stayed in this chaotic relationship, I'd be giving up on myself. I didn't fail. I didn't decide to divorce my husband--I divorced his disease.
I don't advocate divorce to Al-Anon members whose troubled marriages resemble mine. I must admit there are times I'm tempted to ask "Why do you choose to stay in a life of turmoil?" But I know complete separation isn't for everyone. It was a long struggle for me to choose the road I took in order to open a new chapter in my life.
My ex-husband said to me after our divorce became final, "Now you don't have to go to Al-Anon anymore!" It just showed that he never understood what this program is about. Al-Anon keeps me sane. I continue to attend so I can learn, grow, recover, serve, listen and share my experience, strength and hope. I even continue to make mistakes. After all, my goal is progress, not perfection. I continue to I pray for him - that he grasps his recovery program so he, too, can experience serenity.
After seven years of Al-Anon and almost two years of being single, I am learning that I am the only person who is responsible for my happiness.
Diane B. - Michigan
Alcoholism is a family disease. Those of us who live with, or have have lived with, this disease as children or adults sometimes have problems which the Al-Anon program can help us to resolve. If you have answered yes to some of all of the above questions, Al-Anon may be of help to you. You can contact Al-Anon by checking your local telephone directory, or from the Resources page. Phone numbers and Contact Information for the Austin Area are listed on the Contact Page of this website.
These articles were reproduced with permission from 'The Forum', the monthly inspirational newsletter of Al-Anon. Al-Anon World Headquarters, Inc. is located in Virginia Beach, VA. See www.Al-Anon.org for more information.