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On-line Meetings - a Lifeline for Shut-ins
I had osteoarthritis when I joined Al-Anon, and it was getting worse every year. For several years, I attended face-to-face (f2f) meetings, although it was difficult. My hearing was also not as good as it used to be.
In 1999, my daughter, her husband, and my grandchildren visited me. They helped me buy a computer and I found an Al-Anon meeting on the Internet. Now I could attend on-line Al-Anon meetings in my own home by reading about and sharing on twice-weekly topics.
What a blessing this has been! The support of the Al-Anon program through on-line meetings has helped me in many ways. I don't feel so lonely because I can connect with other folks every day.
The members' sharings on the on-line meeting have been a lifeline to me. The topics are always just what I need. I know I can ask for experience, strength, and hope and it will be there for me. I recommend on-line Al-Anon meetings to anyone who can use a computer and is unable to go to face-to-face meetings.
By Polly M
Published September, 2006
Editor's note: Online meetings are helpful in other ways, such as 24-7 availability, distance difficulties, frequent access, etc. Check out the Hilltoppers-AFG Online Meeting for first hand experience.